JL Audio is America’s leading marine audio manufacturer, providing speaker systems specifically designed and built for the testing environment of the ocean. JL Audio UK distributes the range in the European region, providing accessible expertise and rapid supply of products and accessories.



An interview with JL Audio Marine Sales Director Paul Baker explains why he's passionate about helping customers choose truly outstanding sound aboard their boat.

At what point did you and JL decide the marine sector was a market you wanted to get involved with?

JL Audio has been manufacturing great audio for the last 40 years. The Marine division was started over 10 years ago and driven by the passion of a major boat builder who wanted to bring the audio experience from automotive into Marine. The solution was new engineering and a new division within JL Audio as the demands of Marine are vastly different from automotive or home, not only the physical demands of speaker construction but also the development of the audio reproduction. JL Audio Marine products are designed exclusively for Marine.


What excites you about entering the boating world with your products?

Being able to deliver the enjoyment of an outstanding audio experience to the boating world with a range of products that we know will perform no matter what the environment or conditions. Many boat buyers will already enjoy the benefits of high quality home theatres and have high standard car audio too. So we are frustrated that many of the prestigious boat builders do not even offer their customers an upgrade to better audio, therefore denying the customer the opportunity of a great audio experience on the water. We want to change that.


What makes the JL audio system so special?

The entire product range is specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment - JL Audio speakers and subs are both UV and saltwater resistant and therefore can be located where they sound best, not positioned to avoid the elements. This is coupled with the design and engineering that is key to all high quality audio reproduction. For OEM customers and our dealer partners, JL Audio train the installers to set-up and tune the audio system correctly - this is essential to ensure the audio reproduction is at its best.


But don’t other audio manufactures supplying to the marine market offer similar benefits?

JL Audio Marine products are 'lifetime tested' against other industry suppliers – none out-perform JL Audio. One of the many key benefits of a JL Audio Marine system is that the products are designed for marine and not adapted to marine from other applications. 40 years of experience and expertise within JL Audio results in products that far exceed expectation. Part of the Total Quality Management at JL Audio ensures that both Design and Manufacturing is overseen by Engineering and not out-sourced or exported.


What are some of the biggest challenges involved in delivering the ‘ultimate’ sound system for a powerboat?

One of the greatest challenges is speaker location. This is where JL Audio delivers due to the high quality design and UV plus saltwater resistance across the entire range. This enables the audio system design to be centred on optimum speaker location and not constrained by keeping speakers and subwoofers out of the harsh operating environment.

What do you feel is the connection between water and music and how can the latter enhance the enjoyment of the former?

The experience of being on a boat is for many one of continuous enjoyment. For most of us – listening to music is the same and we frequently associate music with memorable occasions or places or people. JL Audio allows the combination of both and the ability to listen to the music, no matter what the speed or sea conditions, is possible with a JL Audio sound system.


Describe how you go about designing/custom installing a JL system for a boat. What are some of the factors that need to be considered?

Initial assessment of the boat and layout followed with a discussion with the customer/partner to establish what audio solution is needed. This can range from great audio when the boat is travelling at speed to a night club experience. Anything is possible with JL Audio. Next the speaker and subwoofer location is considered plus does the boat need “rear entertainment” for a water-skier or wakeboarder. Once the key factors are decided the amp configuration and location are planned. Frequently more than one solution is presented for discussion with features and benefits detailed. This is an exciting part of the process as the customer/partner has expectations – and we are confident that we can usually exceed them.


Besides the technology, how important is the human element to your business?

Very important – we are a people based business all the way through to Lucio Proni the CEO of JL Audio. Trust extends from the factory throughout the JL Audio network of OEM customers and dealer partners. We are responsible for creating the 'European Image' for the JL Audio Marine products and our customers enjoy being able to contribute.


In terms of owning or using a boat with JL audio equipment installed, what considerations would you say people need to keep in mind?

Go out there and enjoy – once you have great audio then you won’t want to be without it. Take on board the tunes that give great memories – the combination when you are out on the water is second to none.


Paul Baker, Sales Director

JL Audio Marine (Europe)



JL Audio is America’s leading marine audio manufacturer, providing speaker systems specifically designed and built for the testing environment of the ocean. JL Audio UK distributes the range in the European region, providing accessible expertise and rapid supply of products and accessories.


The European team are highly experienced in achieving the very best from an audio system on a boat and can design and install custom systems to owner’s requirements. They work with leading boat builders such as Princess, Pascoe and Azimut to achieve outstanding results for their customers. Ownership of a JL Audio system on the boat is confirmation of ultimate quality.



JL AUDIO is a manufacturer of high quality marine audio products. Already the leading supplier to the luxury car market, the company prides itself on exceptional durability and consistency created by using top quality components and exhaustive testing.

"JL Audio UK has worked with Glider Yachts to provide a customised audio system for the uniquely designed, high speed luxury craft, which is about to make a big impact in the luxury yacht market"

JL Audio is not just a manufacturer, its engineers have the experience and knowledge to achieve the very best in performance, design and fitting out of onboard sound systems.


JL Audio Marine Europe collaborates with boat builders to advise on the specification and installation of custom fit JL Audio systems on new boats, advises on the upgrade to existing vessels, and works alongside partner manufacturers when customers choose a JL Audio system for their new yacht.


With Glider Yachts they have developed custom systems for these innovative powerboats that offer the guests aboard an enhanced sound experience as they glide across the waves.



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